about me

At the Language Technologies Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, my research focus was on human-computer interaction through spoken dialog systems. However, I ended up studying and publishing about crowdsourcing at least as much as I did on language technologies. Check out a book I contributed to to get an idea of what we were working on.

I enjoyed an SDE position at Amazon.com for 4 years, working on data mining and more precisely on information extraction. We powered the faceted search experience of a large portion of Amazon all while helping filling missing catalog values. Later, I transitioned to a machine learning engineer role with Amazon Music and tackled several problems including defining good music similarity metrics, genre classification and providing great music recommendation for our customers.

After spending 6 years at Amazon, I left and started my own consulting business to help companies with their data and machine learning needs. All the information on the GPSE Consulting website.


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