about me

At the Language Technologies Institute at Carnegie Mellon University, my research focus was on human-computer interaction through spoken dialog systems. However, I ended up studying and publishing about crowdsourcing at least as much as I did on language technologies. Check out a book I contributed to to get an idea of what we were working on.

I enjoyed an SDE position at Amazon.com for 4 years, working on data mining and more precisely on information extraction. We powered the faceted search experience of a large portion of Amazon all while helping filling missing catalog values. More recently, I transitioned to a machine learning engineer role with Amazon Music and I have been tackling a few problems including defining good music similarity metrics, genre classification and providing great music recommendation for our customers.

During the week-end, you'll probably find me upgrading Rosinante, my "gorgeous" 37 ft Cherubini Hunter sailboat. San Juan Islands. Desolation sound. Sailing from Seattle to San Francisco.

sailboatlocator.com (inactive)

Search engine aggregator to facilitate finding sailboats for sale in your area. Find your dream boat at sailboatlocator.com!

decide.fm (inactive)

Hosting a party? Set up a decide.fm station and have your hosts decide what song to play next.


Humans adapt to each others at various levels during a conversation. LexE investigates how this phenomenon transposes to human-computer interaction, and how to use it to provide better dialog systems.


VoIP-enabled spoken dialog system based on Olympus architecture. It will be handling a subset of calls to the City of Pittsburgh 311 line.


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